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Men's Gym & Workout Fashion - A Complete Guide

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Let’s be honest here - there is an excellent chance that you don’t put the same amount of thought into how to dress for the gym as you do for something else, such as a job interview. And that is absolutely fine! You are going to work out, sweat and lift as much weight you can. Why would you think about fashion? However, in reality you should!

What if you are a single man at the gym and you see an attractive girl? On the other hand, you can already be taken but stylish. You might even make business contacts! Why should a normally stylish guy be drab while doing a workout or pushups?

This brings up an important question - how to find the right clothes for the gym? Most of the workout fashion is either made for professional athletes or in some futuristic and neon shades, which can easily make you look like a parrot. You need to find something comfy, that will help you show off your muscles.

First of all, let’s check out the common mistakes guys make while picking and wearing gym and workout clothes.

Wear Clothing That Suits You

The first thing you should do when trying gym clothes is to figure out what suits you best. Sometimes, men think that tight clothes fit them better, but the truth is that they are the worst for a workout. They will constrict your movement and definitely make you look smaller than you are in reality.

When it comes to materials, choose the stretchy nylon and elastane ones. You will feel comfortable, without a feeling of being restrained or too tight.  Take a look at our guide for more tips!

Men's Gym & Workout Fashion

Only Wear Moisture-Wicking Clothing

This is one of the most common mistakes when it comes to gym fashion items. Wearing clothes that won’t absorb sweat is wrong. Always try to find a t-shirt that is comfortable and moisture-wicking.

Wicking and performance fabrics are made of polyester and lycra. Even though they cost a bit more than regular cotton blended T-shirts, you won’t regret it. They will last longer, keep you comfortable all the time, and dry faster.

Avoid cotton and denim items while at the gym!

Moisture wicking gym clothes

Don’t Wear Cologne to The Gym

Next time when you start thinking should you splash on some Armani or Dior, just remember to stop! Don’t wear any fragrance to the gym. It’s as simple as that.

With men there is no middle - they either put too much perfume or don’t put any. However, when in the gym, forget about your cologne or body sprays. They can be bothersome to all the other members. Not to mention that they tend to linger in closed rooms. When your cologne mixes with your sweat - you get the combination that makes headaches. Just be sure your gym clothes are cleaned and washed beforehand. That’s enough.

Wear Appropriate Shoes

It is not unusual to see a guy wearing sandals or even worse - flip flops to the gym. What a mistake! When training, you need to pay attention to what you wear. Choose sneakers that will provide you with proper support. As simple as that. You will reduce the risk of injuries, and you will perform in your training better.

Flip flops are definitely not appropriate for the gym. They can make your feet slip, and you can easily hurt yourself. Leave them for the locker room, after your training session. 

There is another common mistake that occurs all the time - removing your sneakers and working out in your socks. You can (unintentionally) cause discomfort in the gym (if you know what I mean) while also getting blisters that are hard to heal.

Don’t Wear Jewelry

Jewelry is not only unnecessary for the gym, but it is also unsafe to wear while training. Get in the habit of taking off your jewelry before exercise, or just leave it at home.

It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a bracelet, necklace or rings - all of them can be both ruined and dangerous for you while training. You can easily scratch your rings while lifting weights as well as discomfort your fingers. Perspiration can also react with metals and cause allergic reactions on the skin.

These are the items you should definitely have in your gym bag.

Tank top mens gym fitness


When choosing a T-shirt that you would like to wear to the gym, always remember to look at the label. If it is made of polyester, a mix of elastane and stretchy nylon, then give it a try.

bodybuilding tank topDepending on how often you go to the gym, you will need a selection of T-shirts for one session. And even though five or six tees might sound like a big investment, you can take a look at some affordable price. There is a lot of high-street style brands that offer you perfect items for the low price.

If you are a fan of tank tops, go with this bodybuilding tank top. It is perfect for yoga, workout and even lifting heavy weights. Military design in three shades will gain a lot of curious looks your direction.

For all running and yoga fans, there is a long sleeve athletic shirt in the same design that is suitable for colder weather.

Classic T-shirt like this is always welcome for the gym. You can buy in every color, and change every day. You will look clean, and interesting after all! It is made of polyester, perfect for sport, training, and yoga. 

After Workout Wear

beige long sleeve athletic shirt bodybuildersIf you want to show off your muscles, then choose to wear something fit and fancy. I suggest going with a beige shirt, made of cotton and polyester. It will highlight all the work you have done, and make your muscles stand out.

gray long sleeve bodybuilder shirtFor fall days, opt for a long sleeved athletic shirt like this. It has an attractive and fashionable print, V-neckline and bodybuilding fit. All the ladies will definitely look your direction.


Shorts might be the most simple solution for the gym, but sometimes it is not the only one. Some guys prefer wearing shorts instead of leggings or sweatpants, while others find shorts not practical. Shorts have one big flaw - they don’t have many pockets, or don’t have any pockets at all. Zip pockets at the back are super for keys, but don’t forget to pull them out when lifting big weights.

These button sweatpants with an elastic waistband are perfect for light training. They are not shorts, yet they don’t belong to that sweatpants category either.


mens slim fit sweatpantsGuys are divided into two categories - wearing shorts or sweatpants to the gym. During the cold months, you can easily work with sweatpants. Even if they are made of cotton and elastane combination. These slim fit sweatpants provide you with a lot of comfort while training, or even in everyday wear. They are made of polyester, with a slim fit.

mens bodybuilding sweatpantsIf you like to wear something extremely comfortable while training, then these sweatpants are an excellent choice for you. 

Post Workout Wear

Sweatpants or tracksuits made of cotton are not recommended for the gym. You can sweat more, while cotton can restrict your flexibility when doing some workouts. These cool and fancy items are perfect for after training, to show-off. Don’t hesitate to show your muscles and legs, because you have put in a lot of sweat to get them in shape!

mens drawstring sweatpantsThese drawstring sweatpants are perfect for casual wear before or after the gym. They are made of cotton and spandex. You can combine them into some common combinations with white T-shirts, or those shirts we have already mentioned. There is an array of colors to choose from - black, burgundy or navy blue. 

Fall joggers in many colors will upgrade your everyday wardrobe. You can style them apart from the gym. They can be a perfectly comfortable pair of pant that you can actually wear every day. They come in many classy colors - gray, green, and burgundy. Great shades for fall, right?

mens post workout jeansJeans never go out of style. Whether you like it or not, the fact is that everyone has even one pair of jeans in their closets. Save denim for post-workout time and don’t worry about it. If you like your jeans to be classic, try these post-workout jeans. They have a vintage vibe which is timeless. However, you can opt for a modern version of white jeans with zippers. They are, on the other hand, more hip-hop inspired and very skinny.


Men’s gym clothes are distinct. The most important thing to check out is definitely the quality. Always check the materials they are made of. Find suitable and not harmful materials that will be good for your skin. While training you sweat a lot, so try to cover it up with a good fabric and go with a T-shirt cut.

Tell us if you liked these tips. We would like to know what is in YOUR gym bag!

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