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Best 15 Tips for Buying Jeans

Best 15 Tips for Buying Jeans

When you are purchasing a new pair of jeans, you really want to find the right one. It is the beginning of a potentially long search if you don’t know what you are looking for. However, when you do find the right pair, you can be sure your relationship will last a long time if you do your homework first.

We are all faced with hundreds of options online and in-store. But are they all good for you? The answer is definitely no. Since there are so many choices you can find yourself overwhelmed - not all pairs of jeans fit you. So many questions pop up - how to pick the right cut, color, waist, and model? Don’t worry, we have gathered answers to all your questions.

Let’s start with things you should know about jeans before going shopping. You need to know everything about measurements, fit, and leg length before even thinking about buying a new pair. Here are all things you should pay attention to when preparing for shopping.

Your Size

Before even going shopping for your new pair of jeans, you need to measure your waist. Since many brands have their sizes according to waist measurements, you need to be precise and not cheat on your waist size.

Use a flexible measuring tape and take measurements of the smallest part of your waist. Then round it down to a whole number. For instance, if your waist is 28.5 inches, then the size 28 should fit you perfectly.

Don’t forget to keep other factors in mind like cut, leg silhouette, and rise. You should never compromise on the fit of your waistband. Otherwise, your jeans won’t fit as perfectly as you like.


Different types of jeans require distinct lengths. One thing is certain though - your jeans length should be matched with your shoes. If you want to buy skinny jeans, then they should hit above or right at your ankle bone. You can even cut the edge since frayed hems are the big trend at the moment. However, flares should fall about an inch from the floor. Don’t forget that flares are best suited for wedges and heels.

The Fit

When choosing a right fit, always keep in mind that stretch fibers in jeans will wear out with wearing. All pairs of jeans have labels with the fit written on them. Check for the label mid-rise if you want higher coverage. They hit higher on the waist, so they reveal less of your waist. Instead of faking your waist size, try finding a model that will fit your body shape the best. Don’t trade comfort for fashion.

Silhouette and Wash

Depending on what you plan to show off or how much you think your legs look nice or not - that is how you should choose your jeans.

If you want to create an illusion of long legs, choose dark flares or trouser jeans that touch the floor. If you think your legs are the best asset of your body then pick bright wash and details - distressed jeans and moto seaming are two things that never go out of style. What if you would like to keep your calves hidden? Choose monochromatic wash and a cigarette (or pencil) leg cut.

Always try different pairs. Who knows, maybe that pair that doesn’t seem so appealing has the right fit for you.

Stick to the Known

Know what fits you and stick with it. Once you find a perfect pair of jeans, don’t try to experiment with other styles. You can absolutely try them, but trust us - you will be coming back to pairs that suit you perfectly. Mix these jeans that fit perfectly by adding details - different wash, distressed details, and moto accessories.

How to Buy High-Quality Jeans

How to Buy High-Quality Jeans

We all have noticed that some pairs of jeans last longer or shorter times than others. The question pops right in - do you know how to look for the right high-quality pair of jeans? If you noticed that your jeans last for no more than a few months, then you certainly have a lot more to learn about them. And we are here to help, of course!

Here is a list of things you should definitely look for when buying jeans. Stitching, fabric, and price are just some of them.

A Heavier Fabric

When shopping, don’t hesitate to touch all pair of jeans. You will notice that those good-quality jeans are made of stronger, heavier denim, while some are made of less quality fabric - one that is easily worn out. If you have any doubts then ask a salesman or visit the website of the brand you are wishing to buy.

Unless you are buying jeans for summer, always choose the ones with 12-ounce weight or more. Anything that goes below that number is low quality and will easily wear out. Someone might tell you that heavier jeans are not comfy, which is not quite true. Yes, they tend to be a bit stiff, but once you break them they will soften and be a perfect fit for you. Most of all, they will last significantly longer than any other jeans.

A problem can occur when you are shopping online as you can’t touch the fabric. See if brands on their website list weight and material. Jeans can be described as light, medium, and heavy - this is the thing you should follow when buying.


Stretch jeans can do miracles when it comes to highlighting your curves and providing you with comfort. But how to recognize jeans that have just enough stretch?

Check the jeans label and look for lycra or spandex in the fabric. It depends on the manufacturer how much percent they will mix with denim. However, you should be looking for a minimum 2% of either lycra or spandex. Anything more than that will be worn out very soon.

When trying jeans stretch them in your smaller size. You should know that every pair of jeans tends to become loose after a few wears.


When you decide to go shopping for jeans, don’t forget to check another important thing - stitching. They should be good and heavy that won’t split under stress. Double stitching, as well as chain stitching, are two things you should look for. They are both signs that your jeans are capable of heavy wear. You can also pick single stitching, as long as it is done with strong and thick thread.

Small Details

Those things that we usually don’t even notice on a pair of jeans will tell you if they are made with caution and to last. These details are copper rivets and buttons. Don’t be fooled by fake details such as contoured back pockets.

Quality Over Price

The best tip when it comes to price and quality is to do a bit of experiment. Choose a pair from diverse price-ranges and brands and then compare them. Pay attention to all things we have emphasized. You can then take what you have learned and buy something in between - mid-range jeans are possibly the best to find.

How to Buy the Perfect Pari of Jeans for Men

How to Buy the Perfect Pair of Jeans for Men

Same with women, men appreciate a good pair of jeans in their closet. However, again, same as women men have problems in finding a right pair of jeans. To make that problem go away, we have prepared more tips for men on how to buy the perfect pair of jeans.

Men usually pick a wrong pair of jeans because they don’t understand well how jeans should look on their body. Most of the time, men think there are only one or two styles of jeans on the market. They are always confused about the style details, wash, and weight. All these things lead to one thing - a wrong pair of jeans man constantly wear.

Hopefully, this guide will help you learn something that will lead you to your perfect pair of jeans.

5 Fits for Men

• Slim - it is generally a mid-rise pair of jeans that are neither too tight nor too loose. They are skinny from hips down to hems. • Skinny - These jeans are low to mid-rise with a zip fly. They are tight with tapered leg opening. Their cut tends to be skinny from hips to hems. • Loose - This type represents one of the comfiest styles of jeans. They provide you with plenty of room in the tights, legs, and butt for all the men out there who need it. • Regular - This type might be one of the most usual ones. Regular jeans imply mid-rise, the trousers falling straight from knees to hems, with large leg opening. • Relaxed - While these jeans have loose fit from the waist to the leg opening, their trousers won’t touch any part of your body.

4 Types of Jeans Rise for Men

• High rise - great for bigger guys who want comfort and style. These jeans are worn above the belly button. You should avoid tucking in shirts or button-downs. • Medium or Mid rise - the waistband of these jeans skims the belly button. They are the best option for guys who like to tuck their shirts in their jeans. • Low rise - these type of jeans offer you a relaxed and casual fit. They are worn below the belly button. • Low crotch - jeans with this type of rise are worn low on the waist. The style these jeans provide you with is baggy at hips, seat, and rear.

How to Choose Jeans For Your Body Type

As we have mentioned before, finding the perfect pair of jeans is not an easy job to do. However, with the right knowledge of some basic stuff like your measurements, fit and body type, you will find a jeans-game very easy and your favorite pair will soon be in your closet.

Jeans for Thin Men

Men with this body type are slender from top to bottom. They have a small chest, flat shoulders, and lean muscles. Those guys find it hard to gain weight and have a fast metabolism.

Wear: • The slim and regular fit will flatter this body type. • They will provide you with just enough room to make you look bit fatter than you actually are. • They will keep all attention away from your legs. Avoid: • Baggy and wide leg jeans will make you look like you have dressed a big bag instead of jeans. • Skinny jeans, on the other hand, will make you look even slimmer than you already are. • You should definitely avoid high-rise jeans - they will make your back flat.

Jeans for Athletic Men

Men with athletic figure have a slim waist with muscular buttocks and legs. They always tend to show off their gym results, so that is what you should keep in mind when buying jeans as well.

Wear: • You should wear slim fit, straight leg, and boot-cut jeans. • Low rise jeans will suit you better than a high rise because of a slim waist. • Pockets should be small and wider set. Avoid: • Unless you want to hide your muscles, don’t wear baggy jeans. • Regular fits and wide legs will make your legs look bigger in comparison with your upper body.

Jeans for Muscular Men

Men who are frequent at the gym have much bigger legs than the usual. It is funny how straight jeans can end up looking like tight ones on their legs. Wear: • Wear regular and relaxed fit with a wide leg. They will make a perfect balance between upper and lower parts of your muscular body. • Pockets on your jeans should be big, close, and deep. Avoid: • As we have mentioned, you should definitely avoid wearing tight jeans. • You should also avoid loose fit, as well as slim jeans.

Jeans for Men with Wide Hips

This type of body is also called the soccer-player type. It is typical for them to have thick and wide legs with a wide waist. You should always look for clothes that are equal from hips to hems.

Wear: • You should pick relaxed fit jeans with a size up, so they don’t stretch across your groin. • Straight leg jeans with high-rise will make a perfect balance in form from your hips to the hems. • If you want to feel comfortable then choose loose jeans and wide legs. Avoid: • Skinny jeans can easily make you have a feminine figure. • Low-rise jeans are not recommended because of your wide hips.

Jeans for Men with Wide Waist

Men with this body type have a wide waist, as well as a wide midsection, thighs, buttocks, and calves. They need to find jeans that will cover all their curves and highlight only the good ones.

Wear: • Choose loose-fitting jeans - let them be with a straight cut and especially with a wide leg. • Relaxed jeans would be perfect for tucking your shirt in and most of all, they are very comfortable. Avoid: • Skinny and slim jeans are definitely two styles you need to avoid. They can only create an imbalance making your body look disproportionate. • Flared and boot cut jeans will make your legs look wider.

How to Buy Perfect Jeans for Children

Whether you have a newborn or toddler, you definitely are aware of how hard shopping for their clothes can be. You should pay attention to many things, including style, comfort, size, and color.

Jeans take part in childrens fashion as well. And why wouldn’t they? Jeans are an absolutely perfect piece of clothing that can last long if you know how to buy the right ones.

Here are a couple of tips on how to choose perfect jeans for your children.

Jeans for Children must be Comfortable

When buying jeans for your little ones, let comfort be in first place on the list of requirements. You can’t trade anything for it, whether you like jeans or not.

Jeans shouldn’t be too tight, so avoid buying skinny styles if your kids are too small. Check for the percent of stretchy materials, lycra or spandex. Jeans should be stretchy just enough to make putting on easier for both mom and kid.

Search for Inner Lining

As we all know children’ skin is much more sensitive than ours. That is why it is important to check if jeans have an inner lining. If jeans are rough or rigged on the inside, they can easily irritate their legs and even cause some bad skin reactions.

Use your hands to check the inner part of the jeans you are looking at. Only pick options that are smooth on the inside.

Childrens Jeans Must be Versatile

Babies grow fast. You won’t be able to buy them jeans every other month. You should choose options like blue or black jeans. Colors are not forbidden, but your child won’t be able to wear them with any other pieces they own. Stick with the classic blue wash and you will find yourself spending much less money on your kid clothes.

A Few Words in Conclusion

Hopefully, this guide will help you next time you plan to go shopping for your new pair of jeans. We tried to cover it all - from the pre-shopping list of things to choose to the right material, along with mens and childrens shopping guides.

Take measurements and some time for yourself so you can go shopping for your new pair of jeans.

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